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Get Out. Get Hustlin’. Get Even.

In 1978, after a drug deal goes terribly wrong, David Slaney (played by Allan Hawco) breaks out of a New Brunswick prison, igniting a tense and thrilling chase across Canada. Pursued relentlessly by the dogged RCMP detective Roy Patterson (Paul Gross), Slaney’s quest to reconnect with his former partner for one final deal unfolds against the gritty landscape of the late 70s. This masterful adaptation of Lisa Moore’s acclaimed novel delves deep into the complexities of friendship and betrayal, desperation, loyalty, and the quest for a second chance amidst a backdrop of a country-wide manhunt.

“In CBC’s Caught we get a cracking good story with a rich theme.”

– Johanna Schneller, Special to the Star

As Slaney navigates the perilous world of drug trafficking, each decision brings him either closer to freedom or deeper into the web of his past mistakes. With stunning performances by Allan Hawco and Paul Gross and a talented supporting cast, Caught weaves a compelling narrative of suspense, emotion, and the relentless pursuit of redemption, offering a riveting exploration of the human spirit’s resilience.